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webcam event 2004. [Apr. 15th, 2004|11:40 pm]
'Cause Eye Candy
cyler (one of the kids i nanny for) and i got bored with the webcam today. thought i'd share the product with you peeps.


cyler making a funny face.

he's up to something. i know it.

another funny face from cyler.


see dillon. see dillon ponder. ponder, dillon, ponder.


my eye. it felt right at the time.

me and cyler.

look. we both made funny faces.

me stupid. cyler cute.

i hope you enjoyed it.

[User Picture]From: e_mily
2004-04-16 01:27 am (UTC)
Good Lord, that child is unbelievably adorable. Lucky boy, to babysit such a cute kid. I hope he's got as sweet of a personality as he looks.

... >.> <.< ....

*see Emily. See Emily steal dillon pictures. Steal, Emily, steal.*

Fwuah. And if I may say so, you're rather adorable too. Nice glasses! They look good on you.
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From: dumdumdiddle
2004-04-16 11:08 am (UTC)
hahah thank you. cyler is one of the cutest children of all time. and he's so sweet. the other day he walked up to me out of nowhere and said "dillon, i love you more than chocolate milk." i nearly died.
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